Use Cases

Here are some of the ways teams use Clergo –


Cut down on meetings and never again search for that Google Doc, Sheet or Presentation.

Take your campaigns live faster

From ideation to execution. From making a checklist to tracking performance. From testing hypotheses to logging post-campaign analysis. Manage everything with Threads in Clergo.

Say goodbye to chaotic GTM execution

Give your product launch (or GTM) plan the much-needed relief from multiple spreadsheets and docs. Avoid last-minute confusion and execute to perfection the plan you made with sweat and tears.

Always be on brand

Keeping your brand guidelines in threads ensures consistency across all internal and external communication. And you get to keep everyone involved and informed.

Brainstorm, create, ideate together as a team

Brainstorm ideas, organize polls and evaluate ideas based on merit while keeping decisions open and transparent.

Build a culture of marketing experimentation

Don’t let experiments run in isolation. Allow anyone on the team to access them to learn, critique, and grow. Clergo threads help you build a repository of marketing experiments over time.

Onboard new marketing hires without the headaches

Onboarding new hires and giving them context can be a major headache. How many times have you gone back to your email and searched for that email thread to forward them?

No more of that. With Clergo, your new hires get as much context as your best employees.