Reps don't like reading or writing sales docs

Clergo unlocks every nugget of helpful day-to-day sales knowledge and makes it accessible to everyone

Move away from a "winner  takes all" sales mindset  and makes sales a team  sport with Clergo 

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Selling is no longer straightforward

Gone are the days when you can present your perfect pitch and close a deal


Educated buyers hit you with tough objections

Everything was going well in your deal. You almost had it. And then, out of nowhere, a sales objection hits you or your reps when you least expect it.

You realize something. This has probably come up before. But no one remembers who the rep was and what they said to close the deal.


Prospects demand instant answers to their questions

With so much to constantly keep in mind, like features, pricing plans and implementation details, its really hard for reps to always remember the right answers to all possible questions.

We dare you to go check your sales emails or on your next sales call count how many times you can spot a "Let me get back to you on that".


Losing a deal to a competitor just plain hurts

Even more so when you know what you were selling was actually better, but you still lost the deal.

Clergo is your loyal sales sidekick

Respond to prospects faster than your competition.


Handle sales objections like a pro, on a call or the field

Find top counters to any objection, that have actually worked before, right when you need it. If you don't have it, add it for the next time.


Find answers to any question at the speed of search

Hit with a tough question? Open Clergo and start typing. No more repeatedly hunting through product documents and contacting your support reps just to respond to a customer question.


Defend against competitors, or go on the offense

With Competitor Battlecards, Clergo will help you successfully defend against the competition. No more losing deals that were rightfully yours. You're welcome.

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