Does your team have to-and-fro syndrome?

Stop endless back & forths on team chat, email & meetings and speed up team execution by 10x. ⚡️

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Here's how a Thread works in Clergo ↓
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We lose more than we gain with today’s team communication tools



Group chats and channels lead to open ended conversations with no agenda, no end in sight & no outcomes.

Its not you. Its the tools.


Today's tools create anxiety, FOMO and distractions. Slack & email is checked every 6 min on average.

A terrible way to track important conversations.


Checking if something was discussed earlier involves digging through several hundred messages across chats.

Valuable team knowledge is lost in a stream of messages.

Time taken to go through not-very-intelligent notifications causes chaotic, unproductive mornings. And afternoons. And nights.


There’s a better way to communicate


One discussion per thread, please.

Have highly contextual conversations in Clergo.

Discussions stay in one place. And you’ll always know where to go. You’ll get the whole picture, even five years later.


Start with a target date

Keep your conversations on track.

We'll also use this to nudge you at the right time so you can close these conversations.


Close every conversation

Put down next steps. Make sure it gets done by sending it to your calendar or task app.

Speed up decision making ⚡️

Simply highlight any part of a comment to quickly create a decision. You’ll always know what was discussed and what was decided.


If you're already on Slack,
Clergo gives your Slack team superpowers.


Start a Clergo thread from Slack in 1 click

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A summary of the entire thread will be posted to Slack when you complete the thread in Clergo.

Also manually send updates to Slack.

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Stop the endless back and forth. Execute better with Clergo.